Kacie Potts is as creative in her studio as she is in the kitchen. Whether she is stamping out new designs or buttering up new pie recipes, she is always pushing the envelope for more. More style, more flavor, more unique and inspired products. In her charming Bethany, OK studio Kacie creates hand stamped hidden quote pie plates along with a new line of stamped adventure camping plates.  These pie plates currently come in 9″ and 4″ mini’s.

The hidden quote pie plates began as Kacie attempted to create a heartfelt and personal gift for her mother on her birthday but they grew into something so much more. As the demand for the quirky pie tins increased, so did the designs and occasions. Holiday pie plates with phrases like, “Be Merry.”, “Thankful For Pie.” and “Happy Holidays” have become increasingly popular. While the wedding pie pans continue to be a top seller with sayings such as “Seth & Sarah 4.30.16” and “Sharing Pie Since 5.21.16” stamped into them creating a fun and very unique gift for newlyweds.

As Designs By Kace’s owner and designer, Kacie is excited to be doing her hand stamped hidden quote pie plate business full time. This allows her to focus on creating the best products with great quality while brainstorming about which new design might be next.

Hope you enjoy what you find.

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